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Victim/Ex-Offender Meetings

This program bring together victims of crime, perpetrators of criminal offence, representatives of various communities, elders and facilitators providing professional and confidential support while ensuring a safe environment. This is a process where no one is labelled and where participation is voluntary and free of charge.

Meetings are held in a place of the sacred word where values of transparency, openness, truth and inclusion triumph. Honouring the beliefs of each participant goes without saying.​

More specifically, the meetings offer an opportunity to give your testimony, tell your story and share your experience. Restorative justice progresses in that space within our heart and our empathetic nature that allows for attentive listening and prompts the verbalization of the feelings that keep us trapped in an emotional prison.

The meditative quality of these meetings lead to a mutual understanding that soothes our pain and inspires us to see our suffering in a new light. It facilitates the experience of a catharsis: a liberating emotional breakthrough that brings about an inner transformation. Participants are guided in such a way as to reconcile with themselves, with others and with life. It is a soul-searching approach, a process of healing and reconciliation, a journey that leads to harmony and peace at heart.

“Where there is great suffering there can be great healing.” (Benoît Lacroix, O.P., Une spiritualité pour le temps présent)​​

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Last update: February 26,  2018