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Testimonies worth reading

These are some of the answers given by participants to the following RTS workshop evaluation question: “How did this workshop make a difference in your life?

[Non-Aboriginal (NA); Aboriginal (AU)]

“Big impact, it reconciled me – rather brought completion to a huge story between my sister and I. It has given me tools, means, teaching to being back and use in my home and community life. It has taught me a lot and has brought peace to my mind and validation to my beliefs. Thank you’s!”

Gabrielle Lamouche, Kanesatake, Quebec (AU)

“This is the best alternative I've ever experienced.” Sister Aurore Larkin, SGM, Superior General of the Grey Nuns of Montreal (NA)

“This is a great gift to the Church and those who are no longer members of the Church who have been affected.” Sister Anne Lewans, OSU (NA)

The RTS workshop has made a tremendous difference in my life. Learning what it really means to be responsible allowed me to acquire skills to help me break through patterns in my life. Hence forth freeing me from what’s in front of the spirit of who I truly am. I look forward to the next workshop which is the reconciliation process with members of the First Nations, meaning I can participate in the making of a better Canada.

Lucie R. Painchaud, Quebec City (NA)

“The most powerful experience I have ever experienced - to see two worlds meet, to relate in love and mutuality. See Church and First Nations recreated the pride and dignity - a true experience of letting go of fear and open to love. This workshop has opened a world of possibilities.” Pam Sam Kuper Island First Nations, BC (AU)

 “Returning to Spirit has changed my life forever. I lived in fear, pain and resentment; Now I am able to forgive, to accept and move forward in life with enthusiasm. I feel really inspired me and I would recommend this shop to my family and to all the people I love. There are no words to describe the power back to mind.”

Marilyn Wapass, Turtleford, Saskatchewan, Canada (AU)

“Healing is not a destination to be reached, it exists in the present. Life is not at all understanding what happened, or how to bail out or how to survive. You must experience life. This program does exactly that - it gives life, it transforms the life. Each day brings new light, a new enthusiasm. The participation of young adults this week was amazing. This will stop the generational cycle from the residential school experience. INSPIRING! I will definitely recommend this workshop to youth, elders, and adult survivors of residential schools.”

Robyn Hall, Hollow Water, First Nation, Manitoba (AU)

“This was one of the best experiences of my life. It is impossible to describe. All I can say is that it helped me to look at life in a more positive way, enjoy what there is inside me and be more available to understand other people. This workshop gave me a new perspective on life and how to create a better future.”

Dennis Sinclair, PN Hollow Water, Manitoba, Canada (AU)

“This workshop was definitely an opportunity for me. He raises awareness about the things that kept me from living. I now see how the past and live in the past, really affect my life today and in the future. I realize the importance of letting go and this workshop gave me the tools needed to manage past and present problems constructively.
I highly recommend this workshop to others as it was recommended to me.”

Connie Derocher, Flying Dust First Nation (AU)

“It made me realize that healing and reconciliation begin with me. I have to start the process by creating a space for others around me putting aside my stories that are blocking my relationships with others. The workshop also helped me to feel more


Louis Kwena, Parish of the Immaculate, Burns Lake, British Columbia, Canada (NA)

“This workshop is by far the best workshop on healing and reconciliation which I participated. I felt that we were all ready to move towards new beginnings. The process is excellent! There is no blame, judgment to wear ... This is an aspect of the workshop that is very strong. Broken relationships were rekindled and we are ready to continue in love and hope.”

S. Raymonde Arcand, North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada (NA)

“This workshop gave me a better understanding of how to stay connected to the true source of life within me and how to develop the spirit of who I am. This process is powerful and can bring transformation in people, the Church, society and the world. It is a fire that needs to be spread!”

Cecile Fortier, Missionary Oblate of St. Boniface, St. Boniface, Manitoba, Canada (NA)




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Last update: February 26,  2018